Carpet Cleaning Services

Specialists in Commercial, Industrial and Domestic Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • We offer a unique cleaning service on fitted and loose carpets and rugs (Persian Rugs).
  • You can even walk on the carpet during the cleaning process
  • Sebo is safe on Persians and Wool Carpets.
  • All our cleaning includes spot and stain removal.

Upholstery Cleaning

  • All our washes include a deep clean and stain removal, anti-bacterial and Deoderiser

Mattresses Cleaning

  • We offer a de-mite process and includes a deep clean and deodoriser

British Allergy Foundation

  • Peace of mind for allergy sufferers. Method is so efficient that it easily removes pollen and bacteria as well as microscopic dust particles.

Woolsafe Approved

  • Safe on Wool and Persian carpets

We specialize in Persian Carpet Cleaning

  • Safe on Wool and Persian carpets

No more colour fading, split seams, carpet bumps, shrinkage, mildew, odours and other possible problems because of wetting or over wetting of carpets. These are things of the past.

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