Extensions & Accessories

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  • Dusting Nozzle

    R269.55 1094gy

    The Dusting Brush has long soft bristles for effective dusting of grooves etc., without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

  • Extension Hose – 2,05m

    R851.60 1495er

    This extension hose gives an additional reach of up to 2.8m and a total reach of up

  • FELIX / DART Motor Protection Filter

    R118.50 7012er

    The motor filter forms part of the Felix 3 stage filtration system, which helps to keep the air around you clean, whilst protecting the motor.

  • FELIX Exhaust Filter

    R425.25 7095er08

    S-Class filtration provides the Felix with an advanced filtration system in a distinctive appearance.

  • Felix Ultra Bags (8)

    R254.50 7029er

    Microfibre fleece bags for outstanding performance, filtration and hygiene

  • Floor and Wall Brush

    R363.40 1325gy

    For hard floors which are either too rough or too delicate for an upright vacuum and for rapid dusting of textured walls/ceilings.

  • GI / G2 Exhaust Filter

    R85.05 Exhaust-Filter

  • GI / G2 Micro Hygiene Filter Cover/ Sleeve

    R129.70 Micro-Hygiene-Cover

  • GI / G2 Vacuum Filter Bags (10)

    R254.50 Vacuum-Filter-Bags

    High Filtration filter bags – Pack of 10

  • Green Floor Pad (UHS Polisher)

    R626.65 green-brush