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  • SEBO K1 – Family

    R5,143.73 K1

    Powerful motors, professional cleaning heads and a highly efficient airflow combine to give outstanding cleaning performance on any type of floor and for any size of home.

  • SEBO Automatic X4 – Pet (Anti Allergy)

    R8,271.93 X4

    Unfussy but very practical design. Gives excellent cleaning results on all types of flooring.

  • Sebo Felix – 100% Pet Hair Removal

    R8,271.93 FelixNew

    Not for the style-shy. This retro style Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and compact. Its flexibility makes it suitable for car interiors or staircases.

  • Sebo Dart UHS Polisher

    R13,315.79 cm_03_l

    Perfectly maintained floors with modern versatile machine and a new generation of high-tech floor pads.

  • Sebo Duo Applicator

    R7,868.43 Sebo_Duo-5

    Cleans deep into the pile & around every fibre.